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105 a piece!!!

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O damn, its 116-110 bucks way, Giannis going CRAZY gg celtics ig

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Could you also say who won the game.Ā 


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Kawhi was getting hounded for that last shot, I don't think he could've gotten a good look. However PG was at least some what open.Ā 

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Fuck, it deleted my posts for no reason, so lemme just go over last night rq, because I dont feel like totally retyping it

Celtics vs Bucks

Score: Bucks 119, Celtics 112

High Scorers: Giannis: 36, Jaylen Brown: 22

Game MVP: Giannis

-Giannis should have fouled out, when he hit Theis, and than scored 6 points, Celtics should have won the game.

-Where was Tatum? Only 5 points, if Tatum plays a bigger role, and Kemba is healthy,Ā Celtics win

-With Tatum and Kemba at full form, could the CelticsĀ be east contenders?

-Should Robin Lopez be starting? With more points per minute and better defense than his brother Brook last night, will Robin break the starting lineup by the playoffs?

Rockets vs Mavericks

Score: Rockets 153, Mavs 149

High Scorers: Harden: 49, Porzingis: 39

Game MVP's: Harden, Doncic(Triple Double)

-Mavericks ran out of help. Luka, KP, Tim Hardaway, and Trey Burke all had 27+points, but no one else had above 7. Mavericks werent deep enough to play this way without defense

-There was just no defense whatsoever, Ion know how else to describe it

-Rockets had a ton of depth, with every player who played except for P.J Tucker scoring 10+points. P.J had a bad game by his standards, but he'll get em back. Ben Mclemore, Danuel House, Rob Covington, and Jeff Green all had great games, Harden dropped 49, with 9 rebounds and 8 assists, and Westbrook was two assists away from a Triple Double.Ā 

-Shooting was insane, with the Rockets makingĀ above 50 percent of their shots, and the Mavericks making 47 petcent. Along with the Mavs making 42 percent of 3's, there wasnt a lot of missing

-Please share your thoughts!

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Just gonna be posting thoughts, not recaps from now on

-Zion needs to slim down, he's too fat too play NBA basketball, his performance last night showed it

-T.J Warren. Man went OFF last night. Is it a new change, or a freak game?

-Clips on fire from 3 last night, looked dangerous


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My man tj is on firee.

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