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1. Add your cut to your template

2. Saturate the cut, depending on how colorful the cut is.

3. Go to the image tab, click on the brightness / contrast button, then make your cut brighter, depending on how bright the cut is.

3. Add the unsharp mask filter and put the percentage around 100% to 140%.

4. Add sharpen (Not too much)

5. Duplicate the cut



6. Go click on the image tab, go to adjustments, and then click Threshold, (the Threshold percentage should be around 200% to 220%) to add for your duplicated cut

7. If you see the normal button, click on it and it would show you all of the blending changes. Find the screen blending change then click on it.

8. Go click on the filter tab, go to blur, then click on gaussian blur, after that click "OK" or change the gaussian blur to 6% or less then click "OK"

9. Your done with the FX tutorial


If you want to remove the shadow behind the cut, the cut has to be on front of a temp on photopea. Do NOT do this on the card generator on 2KMTC.

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