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I have so many cards. GOAT Kobe, GOAT Bird, GOAT Curry.

Unless pink diamond cards like Mike Bibby..

What do I do with all of these cards? lol I can't even sell half of them.


My final thoughts on 2K20. It was good but very rigged and cheesers took over the game. Too many cheesers in 2K20. Some guy was doing a step back 3 with showtime Shaq. That's how cheesey 2K20 is. But I did beat some good GOAT teams and made people rage quit. I hate the fact that 2K made us grind for players like galaxy opal James Harden (who sucks on this game).. then release a better version of James Harden. I have like 5 Lonzo Ball cards. The Players Club cards could've had more players like a Dion Waiters, or a Marvin Williams.. or suprise everyone with a rare Charles Barkley card!

Most overrated cards on 2K20. .. GOAT Michael Jordan and Out of Position Lebron James. One dude paid 7 million MT for GOAT Jordan. Then when I got GOAT Jordan for 150k MT.. he's not that damn good for 7 million. The fact that someone even had 7 million MT to spend is strange. Out of Position Lebron, some dude paid 4 million MT for him. I got him for 75K MT. But he's great at all. He misses foul shots and he can't drive to the hoop without a pick and roll, iso or Quick Thru STS play for him. He can barely make a 3.

The most slept on card in the game is diamond Hakim Warrick (people don't know how to use him. But if you assign him to the Quick Thru STS play, he will dunk better than Zion. Because he is a better dunker than Zion). And my second most slept on card is out of position amy Spud Webb. I dropped 50 points in an unlimited game with him and dunked on GOAT Kareem with him and made the dude rage quit.

People needed 7 foot point guards to play the game.

The most money I spent on this game was a $50 PS card when I first got the game. and then I purchased a $20 card to buy 3 GOAT packs and got robbed .. I opened up Hakeem, Stockton and Dirk.. all of them you can buy for 5,000 MT. I never paid for MT. But one great thing about this game, you can make so much MT and get cards by grinding in the SIM modes and challenges. You don't need to spend money on this game.

I won't buy 2K21 until next Summer when all of the good Galaxy Opal cards come out. But it's been real, fun, and stressful. I made some videos that I am posting this week of full games .. even games that I lost. I'll post the link.






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