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Welcome my fellow card creators! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!

Welcome my fellow card creators,
After days of developing and thinking, I am ready to present to you all An Notable League Assocation, aka ANLA Or ANAL. Similar to the previous major card creator league last year that was made by BenBananaAussie, this card creator league will involve 6 teams with 4 card creators on each team, meaning there will be 24 card creators in total.​

The Salary Cap System:

Quite possibly the biggest twist to this card creator league is the salary cap system. How the card creator's salaries will be decided is off a rating VBVBEB had in mind, we rate your last 10 cards and find the average of those 10 cards. For example, if a card creator were to have a average rating of 9.5, that would make his salary 9.5 mill. With that, we also have a... Tier system that ties in with the salary system. The salary cap will be decided when the rosters are made. Being above the salary cap will mean you have to cut a card creator off your team and replace him with a cheaper option. (Idea from VBVBEB's VBA)

Purple Tier: 9m or above

Red Tier: 7m or above

Orange Tier: 6m or above 

Yellow Tier: 5m Or Above

Green Tier: 4m Or Above

Blue Tier: Anything under 3.9m 


The Captain System:

After every card creator who is in the waiting line is rated, the 6 HIGHEST rated card creators are automatically put as the team captains. If you're one of the 6 highest and you want to opt out of being a team captain, that is fine by me, as your spot will be taken by the number 7 in the ratings. Team Captains have most control over the team, as they have the power to:

  • Trade their card creators to other teams..
  • Signing and releasing card creators.
  • Deciding on team name, and team logo.

However, Captains can only make two custom temps maximum in the 7 games in the regular season. Which means they will have to rely on their teammates to create temps for their mini collection. (1 card per person, in other words, collections will be 4 cards minimum.)

The Waiting List and Recruiting.

A maximum of 28 card creators will sign up below to be in the waiting list. Once we hit the 28 mark, no one else can sign up unless a card creator becomes unactive or leaves. You all will wait until Me and VBVBEB finish rating everyone. Then the 6 Captains (6 highest rated) will start to recruit the other card creators in the waiting list. However, captains have to beware of the salary system so they cannot go overboard with card creators. Reminder: teams each have 4 card creators total (including Captain)

There will be a deadline in the recruiting segment of the preseason for team captains to;

fill out their rosters and the card creators to make their decision mutually. Essentially all team captains will operate in the same time frame trying to fill out their roster and pertain to the salary cap

. The 4 other card creators who weren't chosen will remain in the Free Agency pool as they can get picked up by any team until the trade deadline. 


We will start the season the day after recruiting with every team having 4 card creators being below the salary cap. There will be 3 games in total each 3 days, meaning the season will end in about 3 weeks. Standings will be updated every 4 days after each segment. Each game will have a different theme to it, and after all teams finish their mini card collection, Me and VB will grade the collection by itself using Q's criteria (Q gave permission, ty Q.) which is judging based on “overall aesthetics” (i.e. picture choice, cut quality, positioning, edits to mimic the 2k effect, etc.) as well as round-specific criteria/theming. The highest score out of the two teams wins the game. Pretty simple stuff. The 4 best teams record wise by the end of the season will make the PO's and the 2 worst will just sulk and observe. Also, Trade Deadline will occur by the 5th game.


After the season, it'll be 1st seed against 4th seed and 2nd seed against 3rd seed in the first round of PO's. Same format as regular season except both teams have to do double temps each, no best out of 3, it'll be sudden death so best out of 1 game for each round. Rest is self-explanatory. 


There will be a google sheets made so that this forum doesn't get clogged up. The google sheets will show the rosters, the tiers, and the salaries. Only me and VBVBEB will have editing permission on this google sheet. If there is an error or a discrepancy in it, please contact me or VBVBEB via 2KMTC or Discord. The google sheets link will be up after recruiting. 

Rules: No toxicity, no cheating pls, and PLEASE DONT CLOG THIS FORUM IF UNNECESSARY. 


Assistant GM: VBVBEB

Whatever he announces here means it's official!







Around The League: Segment 2

Jokic's WAP vs Big Bullets: Players who had an excellent college career
Durag2K vs The Tryhards: Players who have had a great individual playoff run or a great team run.
Bobob2K vs Team Kelle Cock Suckers: Recreate a 2K17 OR 2K18 collection theme.

Deadline: 12:00 AM EST Monday



Oral Conference:

1. Big Bullets (1-0)

2. Jokic's WAP (0-1)

3. Bobob2K (0-1)

Anal Conference:

1. The Tryhards (1-0)

2. Durag2K (1-0)

3. Team Kelle Cock Suckers (0-1)


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