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Why should you choose the Shark vacuum NV360 for your house?

Are you looking for a powerful vacuum for your house? Among various vacuums by hundreds of brand names, if you have no idea what to choose, we recommend a Shark vacuum NV360 - one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners . Now, take a look at this vacuum and see why it is worth the money and why you should take it.

Shark Vacuum Model NV360 - A Product with So Many Impressive Key Features

On the market, it is very easy to search for a vacuum. But where is a powerful one at an affordable price? Here you are! - the Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360. This is an upright vacuum cleaner by Shark.

Easy to Clean

This vacuum can be used in the “Upright” mode and the “Lift-away mode.” The first mode is for vacuuming floors and carpets, and the other is used to clean hard-to-reach places.

You can clean easily and more effectively with the three filters and four main tools. The three filters include two pre-motor filters below the dust canister and one post-motor one behind the grill which is on the lower front of the vacuum. The four main tools are a pet power brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and under-appliance wand.

Multi-purpose Features

Hard floors, your furniture, carpets, and many other surfaces in the house can be cleaned by this vacuum easily. With the pet power brush, the Shark Vacuum NV 360 doesn’t have difficulty in picking pet hair up, too.

Not too Loud When in Operation

This vacuum is not quiet. However, it is not so loud as to make you feel uncomfortable. When we compare it to many different upright vacuums on the market, The Shark 360 vacuum’s noise is only about average.

Save Time and Effort for the Cleaning Tasks

One more feature of The Best Vacuum Cleaner model by Shark is swivel steering. You can minimize human input while cleaning by using this feature. Many experienced users commented that swivel steering technology is ideal when they want to clean around furniture.

Easy to Store

Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuums have a big dust cup. Its capacity is about 1.2 dry quarts. And, the cup is easy to empty, too.

How does this vacuum work?

This vacuum model by Shark works based on using advanced cyclonic technology. All dust is collected into the dust cup. But don’t forget to empty this cup. The Shark NV360 vacuum’s suction power and performance may be reduced considerably when it operates with a full dust cup. When the cup is about ¾ full, it is the right time for you to empty it.

The swivel steering moves around the surface which helps you to clean furniture and hard-to-reach places. A motor system controls the vacuum’s dust brush. So, your cleaning task becomes more efficient and faster.

Don’t rush while vacuuming! Your vacuum picks up as much dust and dirt as possible when you run it slowly and carefully on each surface.

Although this vacuum model by Shark has many pros, nothing is perfect. So, we also find some cons of this product. For example, it has a short power cord. And the hose is short, too. Shark nv360 vacuum is not well balanced.

For the price range (about $150.00-$199.00/ unit) this Shark Navigator Lift-away NV360 is good enough and useful for any housewife to finish their cleaning tasks every day. We are sure that one of top 10 vacuum cleaners you will love this model.

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