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Im creating a new basketball league! Videos Every Other Day Starting Oct 13 or 15 on the not your average gaming kid channel!

League Rules:

Regular Season:

*16 Teams

*15 Game Season

*Eastern and Western Confrence with 8 teams each 

*2 Divisions in each Confrence with 4 teams (Southeast, Northeast and Southwest, and Northwest)

*Top 4 Teams in each Confrence make the playoffs

*Team with the best record gets the BAA Supreme Trophy

*1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in each confrence's playoffs (First Round)

*Best of 5 in the First Round and Confrence Finals

*Best of 7 in the BAA World Series

*Winner of the BAA World Series gets the BAA Championship Trophy


*The 8 Teams the missed the playoffs go to the lottery

*Each of the 2 Rounds has 16 Picks

*32 Custom Prospects all made by me


*Every 2 Seasons I will choose a team to relocate and i will make a Google Fourm so YOU guys can choose the city and the name

*Teams can only get relocated every 10 seasons

(Can Vary)





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