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Bye 2kmtc!!! its been a real one ಥ_ಥ

Ok guys. I know I said that I left about a week ago and I didn't actually leave. I made an alt account, @icebergburger, but the word got out so I decided to come back to this account. I stayed on this account for a day or two and a lot has happened. I just wanna say thanks to all my friends in the retard snatchers which include:

@epicmurphy @ice-trae @themamba824 @justice4KembaGOAT@t00pac_shak00r @xxXhYpERXxx @LBJ_23_CAVS @jc_the_bulls_fan @duxftdsur @KINGJAMES62 @SyracuseOrangeSuperFan @WiltTheGoat @zzzzzzz8 @Something1111@john_brown @madden724 @justice4t00pacshak00r and @graypeople. I also want to thank some of my friends in yarnlife for forgiving me for past antics. 

Special thanks to @ballinlikebonga @gamingkid2929 @tryingtofolloweveryone @georgetownhoyassuperfan- and @jinx.006505 for us being able to overcome our arguments like civil people.

Another special thanks to many friends which include @drummer @henryizumi @leecardss @cardsbyjb @luciddream @EHHHHHHHH @lakerspug8 and @damedagoat. There are so many people that I can't mention them all.

The main reason I'm leaving is to focus more on school, and to get away from distractions, especially when there's nobody to stop me from logging onto this site everyday. Also I have been in many arguments recently and I think it's best for everyone if I am to leave. 

Another thing is that this site isn't the best nowadays, with many people alt boosting (as I am to say that I am one), people 404ing (even though they were taken care of), and people causing drama and commotion for no reason. Even though I am being hypocritical about alt boosting(in which one of my cards got cotd), I did end up deleting the card, as many people viewed as unfair to people who actually put hours of work into their cards, in which I completely understand. @atomicjaguarbeast i hope u can understand that the Kyrie Irving card was just for fun and laughs, and I ended up deleting it anyway.

There's not much I will say, for this isn't the best goodbye.

And before I go, I want to give a huge thanks to @luigibroswag and @joey20cool for being there from the beginning. I  want to say that this man is very underrated and we should all appreciate his cards. I also have alt boosted one of his cards, so don't hate to him. I will every now and then come by to upvote his cards. Luigi has been a true friend, and despite all of my actions he has still stuck with me the entire time.

I want to say all of my main alts that I used in the past include @godzillalikeschickenstrips-_- @soggy_jeans @lordlord and my very first account, @no_more_anons__

A lot of the @'s i used wont show up so I will make a lineup on this


That's pretty much it, and my experience on this site wasn't long, stopping short of a year, but it was well worth it. A lot has happened, and I have met many great people and made a lot of friends. Goodbye guys, and I wish you all the best of luck in life.


Stay safe yall




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hello & goodbye

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people like me get sad see crap like that ;(

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