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Woooooooo I hit 100 followers. I won't give anything out because I ain't got nothing u want lmfao. But I want to thank some people for helping me get here\

drose_the_goat: he aint active no more but he was my first follower.

Nibber78: Helped me get to where I am, and let me into Ace2k

MarkelleFultz20: First person to respond to my dm (for a sig box on an Andre Iguodala)

Djp6403: A homie, and inspired me to make cards.

BronBronGoat23: Another homie, and was really helpful in my fx

Jmmstate: A homie I still talk to.

Chris_p_Bacon: He taught me how to swap, and was one of my best friends.

Vaggo: A really nice guy who helped me with my templates, and I won his card comp

Alieks: Another great guy, who gave me a chance in 2kc

cmn0: We have grown together (he has grown more ofc) from when I recruited him to ace to now him being in 2kc

Gamervince_YT: One of my best friends and is just a great guy to talk to.

NotableButSure: He called me shit, and is just someone you can relate to.

Yeetboi2k: I recruited him to ace2k back in the day, and he has just been a really good friend.

iCyBoI: We have grown together in Ace and is very nice

JJBA: One of the best friends u could have, and I remember him since the Ace2k days

Xx_MoBamba_xX: A guy I talk to alot, and has helped me so much recently.

Ace2k: My first real group, and I was the leader there for a while

2kcustomized: I can't believe I was in a group with those guys, and I'm so happy I got the chance to work with them

2kcreated: Really nice guys, oh did I mention I joined them?

And many more I could thank. So ye

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yes, if not for u i would still be a dude who makes deep-fried cards

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where am i

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MarkelleFultz20: First person to respond to my dm (for a sig box on an Andre Iguodala)


sig box

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