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Aight guys this shitty site won't go anywhere with stephen_curry4lyfe tryna be Martin Luther King Jr with his movement so I have decicded my own. It is time for me, The goat WOJ, to take over this site for its own good. I am tired of tupac not doing SHIT for this site and So here is why I have decided to make myself admin. This site can no longer be dead, cause I am here. My running mate will be -JCDC-. Support my reasoning and type "WOJBOMB2020" in the replies

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I'm not that active on the site as I used to so don't count on me eveything but I will help. :)

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Nope Im part of #betterwithus and I am the brains and it is duo team.

So it actually @stephen_curry4lyfe and me, but we need as much help as we can get so plz join us we will help you become an admin and I have a very good plan.

SO plz joins us @wojespn You may be one of our only hopes to be represented. :)




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Hmmmm I wonder who's alt this is 

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this is equally as retard but this is retarded

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I mean I would be a top mod if I were one. I'd be face of the community. Helping and stopping altboosting, be the one who gets messages at and to. And I'd tell them or I'd have to take power, but not overuse. Always easy. #BETTERWITHUS, #WOJBOMB2020 

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