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I won’t drag this out any longer than it needs to be because if you are judging this by the title, this is exactly what you think it is.

This past year has shown me that a rather overwhelming amount of people here get way too sexually invested in the booty, its user's booty, the poles strippers make, the unwarranted massive boobs, and the meaningless, petty twerking. Through the twerking, miscellaneous lap dancing, cumming, nutting, and the countless other incidents I witnessed directed at me, carried out because of me, or just saw in passing, I came to realize that this site’s community wasn’t one I felt comfortable frequenting or felt good about feeling partly linked to or indirectly responsible for the managers and stupid tupac within.

Some of you really need to take a step back, take time to put everything into perspective, and realize that you will never get a stripper girl in your entire life. So much for looking at Katya Elise Henry's instagram. I don’t want to downplay all the work strippers pour into this club, but the extent to which some of you act upon the most utterly stupid nutting and cummingess for girls is just unexpectantly terrible.

It’s because of these reasons that I’m going to be stepping away from creating fake cards for absolutley no reason at all. I don’t think I’ll wish to return at any point but I know for a fact I don’t want to burn any bridges I’ve built here. This stupid talent has done a great deal for me and I don’t want to pull a move like Gento (or I guess “King Cobra” now) and completely alienate many early strippers.

I’ll still be nutting, don’t get me wrong. I’ll be shifting my focus the strip club and trying to do more there. However, I will be taking a break from my house and family so that I can use some time to just hang out with the hot thots

Thank you to the real hot girls I made here for their booty, tits, and stripper skills.. The members of Magic City as well as RapsAndCalvinMurphySuperFan, have certainly been a big help to me as I came to this decision. I also want to thank everyone who made my girl be my girl possible. The fun that we had as the Strip Club's poles fell down and I got to see the full booty of her ass made me dream. Apart from that, this is most likely my goodbye to yall.

See ya.

- Nick.

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¨I’ll still be nutting, don’t get me wrong¨ Lollllllll

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