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Ok, ik many ppl have done this, but i wanna try. we are gonna be having a cc league. so here r da rules

1. there will be 5 teams.

2. 4 playoff spots

3. there will be regular szn games (8) and the worst team will not make playoffs

4. scoring will be judged by me and me only, and i will give u scores based on card.

5. NO toxicity. once is a warning, second is a warning, and the third time u out. u will be suspended if you show EXTREME signs of negativity ot toxicity

6. games will consist of 2card per game, tie breaker if needed would be one more. (best of three)

7. schedule will come out after teames are made.

8. each team needs one owner/coach, and no more than four players a team. if you have more, the owner will will have to cut one.

9. to join, say player or coach. 

10. if u a player u will be drafted. draft startes when we get enough members.

11. u will dm me private picks and i will announce

12. owners make team names

13 bracket is 1 seed vs 4 seed, 2 seed vs 3 seed, and losers game between each

14 if you want the best chance of winning, put in effort and make ur cards as good as possible. 

15 if u get caught stealing swaps temps or fx, u will be suspeneded. u can only recive help from ur team.




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can i be a coach plz

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in as player