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Hawks: Dominique Wilkins

Celtics: Bird

Nets: Julis Erving

Hornets : Kemba Walker

Bulls: Michael Jordan

Cavs: Kyrie Irving

Mavs: Dirk Nowitzki

Nuggets: Dikembe Mutombo

Pistons: Isiah Thomas

Warriors: Wilt Chamberlin

Rockets: Hakeem Olajuwon

Pacers: Reggie Miller

Clippers: Chris Paul

Lakers: Kobe Bryant

Grizzlies: Marc Gasol

Heat: Dwyane Wade

Bucks: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Wolves: Kevin Garnett

Pelicans: Chris Paul

Knicks: Walt Frazier

Thunder: (Sonics: Gary Payton), (Thunder, Kevin Durant)

Magic: Tracy Mcgrady

76ers: Moses Malone

Suns: Steve Nash

Blazers: Bill Walton

Kings: Oscar Robertson

Spurs: Tim Duncan

Raptors: Kyle Lowry

Jazz: Karl Malone

Wizards: Elvin Hayes

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not bad but vince> lowry, westbrook> kd, russell> bird, anthony, english> mutombo, dwight> tmac, 

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and why tf is kyrie over lebron

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vince didnt do anything for the raptors lowry won them a ring westbrook didnt do shit for okc when kevin durant left 3 first round exists in a row lol bird and russel is close mutumbo and english is close tmac was good for longer

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Tracy McGrady was better than Dwight Howard on Orlando for longer? What fucking crack are you smoking? T-Mac literally played four seasons for them. Dwight has double that amount. Do a simple google search and see what bullshit you're saying is actually true or not. You're a fucking joke to society.