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Im doing this once again and i have a new set of rules so this thing wont die. My first time doing this it was succesfull so i think i could do it!! If you dont have at least ten minutes a day to play this game, respectfully, dont enter plz


1. if you become inactive off this game for 1 week or more you will be removed.

2. pick a captain player to start your squad! (Player choices below)

3. Enter locker codes that I create daily! Enter by dming me the code!!

4. The daily spin wheel is spun by me, and has rewards up to DARK MATTER and 100,000 Currency as jackpots!

5. Your lineup will be all bronzes. Once you say ¨in¨, please immediatly start creating your lineup with your captain and bronzes! When you are done, dm me the link!

6. There will be a store that will open for cards and packs bought with currency!

7. Currency is like MT you earn it by quickselling cards! (quicksell value below)

8. Five packs and 2 buyouts a day

Whoever reaches the highest ovr team in a month is the winner!!!

Plz dont let this die guys! We need 5 contestants! ifthis is really popular, i will up it to seven!

Choose your Captain Player:

Kevin Durant amethyst cardLeBron James amethyst cardKawhi Leonard amethyst card


Bronze- 100, Silver- 500, Gold- 1000, Green- 1.5k, Blue- 2k, Ruby- 3k, Amy- 4k, Diamond- 5k, PD- 10k, GO- 20k, DM 50k

Legends/Contestants 7/7:

91 OVR xMarble: 2300 currency

81 OVR Jaylin214: 3k currency:

85 OVR GreekFreakKid: -500 currency

 83 OVR SpiderMax!: 500 currency: 

77 OVR Jax1087: 0 currency

83 OVR rapsfan77: 100 currency

91 OVR SuperKraft: 1K currency

Store (Will Update Regularly)(Buy 2 cards a day): Jimmy 25k, Lamelo 5k Jerami 5k, Tacko 3k currency 



GOLD PACK (guaranteed amy or higher player with a 15% chance at a GO or higher! : 5k Currency

NORMAL PACK (Guaranteed Green or higher player with a 3% chance at a GO or higher!: 2.5k Currency

BOOM OR BUST PACK (95% chance for a silver, 5% chance at a pink diamond or higher player) 500 currency


Waiting List: 











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