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This is inspired by SyracuseOrange's draft competition! I thought it was a great idea and since this site is about to lose the battle to 2kdb, I might as well make this draft comp to add a bit of spice. If you didn't know, you are supposed to do 2k21 drafts and get new high scores. The scores are based on MT, not overall. You can only submit drafts that were done from today onwards. There are unlimited participants and there is no reward (yet). Have fun! click this and click new draft to access 2k21 drafts. And to submit, just add the link in replies. Also, the goal is for this to last 2 weeks, or until 2kdb takes away all 2kmtc users. 


1. KINGJAMES62; 3,701,900

2. grayPeople; 3,485,450

3. YT_DomDaBomb20: 3,427,600

4. ILOVELAMELO; 3,194,300

5. 00Mistt; 3,144,000

6. CableGames; 3,041,350

7. Pdonme; 2,872,700

8 rapsfan77; 2,015,800

9. Vboi_8575; 1,902,000

10. SantaClausIsTrashAt2k; 1,182,100

11. WolfNessWolf; 1,077,150

12. SyracuseOrangeSuperFan; 821,350 


Tips if you happen to be new to drafts: 

Obviously choose the highest overalls, but make sure it matches the position. Say you have a pink diamond SG that you pull from a PG pack, but there's a ruby PG there as well, choose the ruby instead. it matches the position resulting in more MT. For the bench, make sure to add "depth", so get multiple cards of a position to increase MT. 1 PG and 3 PF is worth less than 2 PG and 2 PF, regardless of overall. I will update this throughout when I come across more tips/tricks.


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1st draft of the month B)

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