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So this is the new CCL for 2kmtc, if we can actually get people on this dead site we can start it up. So this league will be some what like the NBA there will be 8 teams, like the NBA there will be a coach and a GM, teams will have 3-5 players. There will be a draft before you can sign any players, everyone who decideds to join as a player will be in the draft list. GMs and coachs will decide who they will select every team gets on player from the draft, the draft order will be decided in a spinner. Once the draft is over your team will have 3 days to sign players from free agents, once those 3 days will go by teams will have a practice game to get use to your team. Then we will start the preseason, each team will play 2 games and then you will play a team 3 times for a small series. Once preseason is done we will start the season each team will play 15 games during the season, you will play games everyday for 15 days straight. Then once the season is over teams will compete in the playoffs every team makes the playoffs but like the NBA teams will be seeded by the most wins, so 1st place wll play 8 and so on. The series will be out of 3 games who ever wins 2 games first will win the series, the final series will be out of 5 games. Once the Finals is over we will possibly do a second series if we even get there. 

Other stuff: At the end of the season we have a MVP, coach of the year, GM of the year, and team of the year, possibly may have most improve player of the year if we have a second season. If we make it to the Finals there will be a Finals MVP. If you start fights or post anything bad you will be suspended from playing a couple games or even the season, but it all depends on what you did. If you skip games you could be automatically be cut from the team you are on. If you don't get drafted to a team you will be automatically in the free agency. Before we start the league there will be 8 GMs ONLY, and they will name teams and pick there cities. GMs can pick coaches from the free agency too and cut coaches when they want. If a player can't get on a team they may go to tryouts everyday and post on card that they made to try to get on a team. There possibly may be expansion teams in the league after sometime. To sign players and coaches you hav to ask the player or coach to play for your team and say how many seasons they will be on your team, if they sign they will be on the team for how many seasons you signed them for and over the seasons they may sign a contract extension. If they didn't sign you will only be able to ask them once more too sign with your team. If players want to leave teams they will be abe to leave there team, but may not sign with a team for 3 days. When the season ends and the playoffs end you may wish to retire but you can still watch the seasons and you may wish to unretire. Rules may changes after seasons end. During the offseason there will be another draft for new players and players that never made a team, once again there will be only one pick for each team and teams will get pick odds during the draft lottery, you get a bigger chance if you lost more games. Once free agency comes again players may sign with new teams if there contract is up and players may make contract extensions if they want. 

Before I make the rules of the games or anything we need to get people please share this!





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If we can make this work I'll like to join but there is some changes you will need to make like "If you skip games you could be automatically be cut from the team you are on." that right there is unfair for thoes who could have school, work, pratice, ect. Also there is no need for "pick there cities." Another thing is 8 teams and 15 games is to long the league will die before it starts, maybe shorten it to 3-4 teams and 2-3 games or less if your really want this to have a good chance of working, its also best to keep teams short go for teams of 2-3 players and a Coach. And the 3 days of "pratice" is uneeded and will most defently be one of the biggest kill factors of your league, that is if people join. Also no preseason were not people that can just automatically have an Idea and Card ready, for the better CC's cards take a lot of time to make its not all (Oh this image will work -  cut - maybe small weak fx - post) But if this does work I'm joining as a player. Also it would be best if you were to send this out on 2kDB the site is more alive and has a better community. 

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Ok I'll try to adjust all this but before we even start I want to try and get some people to join, and I try to get people from 2kDB


Can I join as a coach?

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Sounds very fun let's make this work I would like to join but I don't completely understand what's the games?

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It's dead anyway

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I know :(