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Li yuan sighed, "I can't compare with you in terms of breadth of mind.". Hey, Xiuer wants me to say to you, have a good trip. Xiang Shaolong thought of Guo Xiuer and felt pity in his heart. Teng Yi urged, "We're leaving!" Everyone went out together, stepped on the horse, Ji Yan ran and so on all covered their faces with gauze, so as not to let people see their peerless appearance. Long Yangjun, Han Chuang and Li yuan saw him off in person and galloped to the inner city gate under the open road of the Chu army. At this time, it was still dark, and the dark sky added to the sad taste of parting. Who can say whether there will be a goodbye day? In particular, the Qin Dynasty and the six countries in the southeast were in an uncertain situation of peace and war, and it was even more melancholy to think of fighting against each other on the battlefield. Xiang Shaolong thoroughly hated the war. But knowing is the most inevitable thing in this age. Approaching the palace, a group of people and horses rushed out at full speed to protect a carriage and cut them off. It turned out that Li Yan Yan had come. Dugui, the head of the imperial guard, galloped over and said, "The Empress Dowager wants to see Master Wan and asks him to get in the car." Xiang Shaolong, wearing a bamboo hat,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, nodded, boarded Li Yan Yan's carriage, and drove out of the inner city gate. Li Yan Yan took off Xiang Shaolong's bamboo hat and stared at him for a while. "Xiang Shaolong looks much better than Wan Ruiguang," she said cheerfully. No wonder Xiuer is obsessed with you. Oh, I'm not saying that she covets your beauty, but that your present appearance and temperament are more in line with your words and deeds and heroism. Xiang Shaolong said with a smile, "Didn't the Empress Dowager make up her mind not to come and see her off?"? Why did you suddenly change your mind? Li Yan Yan threw herself into his arms and hugged him with all her strength. "That's the answer,S Adenosyl Methionine," she gasped. As long as you think that you may never meet again, Yan Yan will be sad. If one day, Shaolong finds out that he can't beat Lu Buwei, the door of Chu will always be open for you. The beauty was very kind, especially thinking of her miserable and humiliating past. Xiang Shaolong felt hot in his heart. He bowed his head and found her burning lips. After a painful kiss, he said with great pleasure: "I seldom regret the matter of men and women, but I know that one day in the future, my heart will miss the opportunity to sleep with you, and I can't enjoy that kind of silence is better than sound." A moment of spring night is better than the beautiful scenery of a thousand pieces of gold, and I regret it. Li Yan Yan's mind is drunk: "No one is better than your love words, but why regret it?"? At the present speed, there is still at least one hour to go to the dock outside the city, and you can do a lot of things! Xiang Shaolong said in astonishment, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,D BHB Factory, "It seems.." "Hey!" Li Yan Yan pasted his cheek and said sadly, "Who would know?"? Xiang Shaolong, didn't you say that a moment of spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold? Xiang Shaolong hugged the youngest and most beautiful queen mother in the Warring States Period, with mixed feelings in his heart. He had known her for only a few days, and then he had the feeling that he had been with her for half his life. I'm afraid that apart from Li yuan, she taught herself the most about her experience and inner world. He still couldn't figure out whether he loved her more or took more pity on her. But there was no doubt that she was beautiful enough that he could not help admiring her. The bleakest and most romantic thing was that it was doomed to be a love that could not have a result, so she threw away the dignity of the queen mother, desperate to see off and fight for this last chance, so that life would not be overshadowed by the loss of this short but eternal memory. All of a sudden, he melted. Everything in the carriage was unreal, like a deep dream. I don't know where I am, but I am filled with the most fervent fire and flame of love. The setting sun slanted to the west. Three big ships, released eastward, along the Huai River, looked at another big city of Chu, Zhong Li. Xiang Shaolong found Shanrou, who was alone at the stern of the boat. "What is Sister Rou doing here?" He asked. Shanrou didn't have a good airway: "Can't you be alone?" Xiang Shaolong went over and tentatively put his arm around her shoulder. Seeing that she only glanced at him and had no other resistance, he kissed her on the cheek and said softly, "If I can kill Tian Dan this time, will Sister Rou go back to Xianyang with us?" The gentle nephrite leaned into his arms and said softly, "I'm used to wandering around for my family. I'm afraid it's hard to stay in one place again.". How boring it would be to see the same people every day. Life at home is not for me. ” Xiang Shaolong nodded and said, "I understand this. Wandering around the world is indeed a charming way of life." "Aren't you angry that I'm so stubborn?" Asked Shanrou Qi. Xiang Shaolong said with a natural and unrestrained smile, "Why are you angry? What you said is an eternal truth. If you keep doing something or eating the same thing repeatedly, the delicacies will become like chewing wax. But you should also go to Xianyang to see Shanlan and her children. Your sister misses you very much!" "I'll go to Xianyang," said Shanrou. But I promised a man that I would accompany him for a period of time after that, and then we'll talk about it. "Is that your new lover?" Asked Xiang Shaolong with a wry smile. "I shouldn't have told you, but I didn't want to lie to you," Shanrou whispered. After leaving you, I don't know if I have stirred up love buds for you. I've had a few men, but none of them can replace you. The man I wanted to spend some time with risked his life to save my life and cure my serious injuries, and I was mostly grateful to him. Xiang Shaolong's heart was filled with a sour feeling, but he thought that since he could fall in love with different women, he naturally had the right to enjoy love with different men. He said with a relieved smile, "You should follow your elder sister's wishes. Even if you marry and have children, don't forget to come to Xianyang to visit us.". It must be before the crown prince of Qin ascends the throne and is crowned, otherwise we may not be found again. Shanrou turned her head away, fixed her eyes on him for a long time, and said in surprise, "You are really special. When other men know that I have another person in my heart.". Everyone is mad with jealousy, but you don't mind at all. If you don't care about me at all! Xiang Shaolong laughed and said, "That's not right. That's not right. What do you want from me?" With a strange look on her face, Shanrou sighed and said,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "It's because you're a real freak that I'm so tired that I can't forget you.". It's a very painful feeling. But I can't give up my ideal of traveling all over the world, or one day when I'm tired, I'll come to you. Will you dislike me at that time? 。