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A couple of weeks ago I was playing a game on myteam online, I can't remember if the opponent quit or I just beat him, anyway when I went back to the myteam menu I found someone controlling my screen. If I hadn't been paying attention he would of went into my line up and put my players up for sale(which he was trying to do), I'm guessing so he could buy them for like 500mt. I was basically fighting him off by trying to counter what he was doing with my controller.


so just now I was playing a blacktop game. Got into the game and found the guy not playing at all, "great" I'm thinking. I'm playing for like 10mins trying to steal the ball or wait for the timer to run out during his possessions. It's 8-0 when something pops up asking me if I want to quit or continue, before I even have the time to do anything my screen is being controlled again! I was brought back to the blacktop player selection board and I quickly selected another player and entered another game because of the fear of him trying to steal my players. There was no resistance when I was in the menu THIS TIME but how many times might this happen in the future??


Please fix this. There should be a way to see the player you've just played. That way I could report him, instead of this **** getting away with this and being allowed to do this over and over again with no consequences


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change your account password or if you don't have one get one

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Try MyCareer or MyLeague instead.