By TubbyBaller3352 »

It's either Ron Artest, Lou Hudson, Adrian Dantley, Alex English, or James Worthy.

By ThaLakeShow »

I don't own him, but the general consensus is normally Worthy.

By TubbyBaller3352 »

I want someone who isn't to expensive to get.

By TubbyBaller3352 »

Lakers historic collection is probably really expensive that's why I'm niot going for James Worthy

By AFlores »

Alex English

By Mr.Cavs »

Definitely James Worthy. Bought when Lakers packs were out then he got that crazy boost.

By Chephon_Curry »

Don't lock in your mt and get PP lol

By AFlores »

I went against a Ron Artest and he was horrible lol

By TubbyBaller3352 »


By Ironicusx »

Why would you wanna lock a historic collection for SF position when there are lots of auctionable options with the same caliber if not better than them.Paul Pierce being a great card both on paper and in game and going for dirt cheap for a card like that , those collections with tiny badge slots are pretty meh.