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To me manu is better. I sometimes run him at point. If you can go after that mitch Richmond he's a monster

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Yeah i really want the Mitch Richmond

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Two completely different players.

If you aren't getting Sabonis to go alongside Manu, I'd pass.  He really becomes lethal with Sabonis.  Gains much needed speed boost and shooting buffs that put him over the edge.  Without Sabonic he's pretty average for his rating.

Moncrief is a card that a lot of people won't like.  If you don't care about defense, then hard pass on Moncrief.  His shooting is not great.  He misses a lot of 3's for me.  He's not a great ballhandler either.  With 85 strength and his elite defensive stats, he becomes the best Harden/Westbrook stopper in the game.  That's about all.

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thanks, i probably will get Manu because of the dynamic duo with Sabonis