By DubNation2K »

Here is an example: I got 2 technical fouls on the level 10 board and pink diamond isiah thomas was no longer in the card deck(indicated by the 0 under the pink diamond). Does this mean he is now on the board, avaiable for me to pick? Or does it mean he is no longer there until I beat the board by getting all the points cards? 

By swish.thesweetestsound »

Bump. Wanna know the answer as well.

By Josephiking »

Yup. If they were on the board and you get 2 technical fouls then you have to get all the points cards to reset it. Makes Blacktop nearly impossible to get good cards.

By DubNation2K »

no the player was not on the board. The player is in the deck, then disappears from the deck because of techincal fouls. Was he placed on the board?

By JD32 »

This is how it works: when a player is on deck he will NEITHER be pullable NOR discardable by technical fouls. Once a ADD CARD is drawn a player on deck might be added onto your board (pay attension to the gems on the bottom right corner) and once someone is DRAWN and technical fouls are reached (2) you will lose that card until you refresh the whole BOARD. this is why many people (like me) have refreshed the level 10 boards multiple times and still don't get thomas.

By Caleb_Llewellyn »

im on level 8 whats the probability that I will pull amethyst michael finley 

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