By RjMatr89 »

Hey guys, 

I know that my team isn't that good, but I am trying to get it better. I have a link to my current lineup posted below. I am currently grinding the weekly challenges to try and get the diamond and PD rewards players. I am currently two challenge tokens away from Willis Reed because I started doing the weekly challenges late. I don't know if doing the weekly challenges is the best thing for my team, so I'm open to suggestions on what strategies I should use to get more mt and better players. The game is getting a little slow and boring for me since I 3-stared every normal and historic domination game, and I am stuck waiting for the new weekly challenges come out. I am just looking for new things to do since the game is slowing down for me and am looking for ways I can improve my team. I see a lot of people who have all diamond teams with one or sometimes two PDs as well, and I just want to know some effective methods on how to get my team really good like that. I'm open to all helpful suggestions. Thank you to all who help!