By AH1130 »

What should i do with this set of players?

PG: D Nate Archibald, A Steve Francis

SG: D James Harden, D Jimmy Butler, R Klay

SF: D Paul Pierce, D Paul George, R Giannis

PF: D George McGinnis

C: D Marc Gasol, D Ben Wallace, D Willis Reed

By Demented »

Save up for D Jay WIlliams or drose for one thing

By ThaLakeShow »

Starting -- PG: Harden, SG: Butler, SF: PG24 (or Pierce), PF: McGinnis, C: Gasol

2nd String -- PG: Nate, SG: Klay, SF: Pierce (or PG24), PF: Wallace, C: Reed

Bench: Giannis, Francis

*Fyi, I'd personally run Giannis at 2nd string PG with Francis on bench, but the above would be best traditional set up imo.


By TubbyBaller3352 »

Start pg Steve Francis, SG James Harden, SF Paul Pierce, PF McGinnis, C Marc Gasol