By conman_15 »

Whould you like to wager an admin???

Reply below with your PSN, the link to your 2KMTCentral lineup, the amount you would like to wager, and how many wagers you have completed on 2KMTCentral.

I am currently only on PS4, sorry to all XB1 and PC users. 

I look forward to playing all of you! Goodluck!

My lineup is always updated on my profile. As of April 21st, 2017, this is my lineup:

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By Shakespeare »

dang bro

By PickSixGaming »

would I like to play that team? No Thanks nice squad conman!

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By agentrain19 »

I'll play you

By conman_15 »
By ndebo11 »

Don't play agenrain19. He is a scammer!!

By conman_15 »
By DenverStruck »

con dont wager him, i played him and he scammed me

By uncool_matty »

I can wager you. My team is pretty good too

By uncool_matty »

My psn is brownboy90045