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Thanks for this, gonna try it over the weekend :)

By Mr.Cavs »
By 508G37 »

Roughly how long does it take get all the VC from the sponsers?

By Mr.Cavs »
By Mr.Cavs »

I'm still trying to figure out different methods and how endorsements work. Maybe if some people can who have tried this can lend their experiences so we can help each other out.


Can you simulate games from the calendar?

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By Mr.Cavs »

You can simulate from one game to another.

By XotikIV »

Btw it there a list of events you should do and shouldn't do or do you have to go to them all

It seems like a waste of time to play a game then do an endorsement event that only give 88 or 150 Vc 

By Mr.Cavs »

No you are doing the wrong events. Ill make a list to help you.

By drexler22 »

I would like a list as well