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Why is the actual VC Sale again only for Xbox and PS4 and not for PC? Btw have not seen any VC Sale for PC all year.

So far did not spend any but looking at those deals I probably had trouble not to :)


Because PC is gay as fuck.  Buy a console

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Biscuits, thanks for your comment. You are right that PS4 and Xbox platform are better. I am aware of that.

Any other ideas?

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By TrueNbaLeague »

there's not that many players on the PC...2k's trying to make $$$ and they targeted console. they probably forgot about  PC :(

By StreetsAhead4 »

Biscuits is wrong AF. PC is where it's at in almost all cases, 2k being an exception. 2k just isn't good enough to develop a game that can't be exploited.