By shindiana »

Who do you think I should pick based on the lineup below?

I am two games away from finishing historic domination.

Maybe Mikan for the end of my bench?

Or Jerry Lucas just in case I change my lineup in the future and end up with 98 Oscar?

How is Duncan/Tony Parker duo by the way? Do they compare to Kemp/Payton?

By VillanovaFan1 »

A. Your team is way better than the team I beat Historic Domination with.

B. I picked Lucas. He was kind of underwhelming to be honest. He's not the worst, but he's not amazing either. His three point shot is hard to green, but it's ok. His post game is great, but I don't utilize it enough. 

C. I've never used Tony Parker but his stats looked impressive. The duo does more for Duncan than Parker.

Mikan is pretty good, he was the other guy I was considering. 

All told, I would pick either Parker or Lucas. But it all depends on your playstyle.

Happy grinding.

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By August12 »

Based on your lineup I'd go with mikan. Put a speed shoe on him he's really good even in later leagues. I'd replace parish with him.

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By HarryL »

The right answer was, and has always been, Ben Wallace. 

You actually have a pretty nice squad considering you haven't done Hist Dom. None of the rewards should really start for you, and probably not even make the bench squad. The only one who you might slot in, generally, but especially situationally, is Wallace. Because he's still one of the best defenders in the game. Especially if the game is down to the wire and you have defensive possessions during which you need to make a stop. You sup in Wallace to clamp down on anyone except maybe big Centers.

Nobody else is even situationally worth it, considering the general quality of your lineup.

I didn't take Wallace out of my lineup until after Unseld and Rodman both dropped, and only begrudgingly. 

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By shindiana »

Thank you Harry L. I will strongly consider him.

By Skip2MyShoe »

Can't agree with that you should pick David Thompson he's a beast and feels lightining quick on the court.And he has an insane dunking ability.Bench J.R and put him in your starting lineup

By PinkDiamondNunally »

Gail Goodrich

By Mister_Sandman »

Ben Wallace . He is UNSTOPPABLE!!!!