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On youtube ive seen someone use the Myteam central draft feature. Draft a team then use it on ps4 how do i do that?!

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Do the draft and then buy the players

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Thanks -_-

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That is what I am trying to figure out 


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if you dont have the money


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Zane1914 said in Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 19:51 pm

2kmtcentral is not offilatted with 2k whatsoever. That means they are 2 different companies. Therfore, If you do a "Draft and Play" You must purchase those cards in the Auction house. Make sense? 

adding to this the reason why you see mainly only big youtubers doing the pack and plays is because they can afford it thats why you dont see smaller tubers doing it

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what if I don't have the money / MT coins