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So I've completed domination and historic domination, finished most of the challenges, so now I am starting the RTTP mode. Starting in the Q seed I believe you use one silver player if I am correct. For those that have advanced in this what player did you use for the one silver player? I was thinking of using a strong PG or PF for the silver player. Any thoughts or suggestions?

By lobcity87 »

Jamal Crawford or someone that can shoot or dribble

By KingRossey »

Someone who can finish on the break and hit open jumpers is what I use , someone like Terrance Ross or Gerald Green fit me perfect (Dropped 31 in the first game with Ross)

By Bulldognation32 »

Once you get to the 3 golds Seed, Use at least Kristaps silver, and Dynamic Boban Marjanovic They are beasts!

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JR smif, Gerald green, Ron Harper, rewards cedric caballos, rewards tom chambers, silver gary payton, Shawn bradley, kyle korver, JJ reddic, douge chrstie


iTHINK U need Gobert because he blocks everyone

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I would say use Gerald Green, he plays like a beast and can shoot.

By Shane505 »

I used Silver Scottie Pippen for 1 Silver seed with a speed shoe. He can play pg in the qualifying seed just fine. No bronze can stop his driving dunk one on one. Plus he plays lock down defense on 1-3. I just Iso'd with him every possession and people raged quit me to the next seed lol. 

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if you've done the Suns RTTF their reward silvers are great. Recommend Ceballos or Tom Chambers. A few weeks ago the best was dynamic Al Jefferson but they bumped him up to 80 ovr. I'd also check out dynamic Tony Parker. And Giannis Antetokounmpo as the 3/4