By djay089 »

With 2k18 on the horizon, how would you like to make some extra $$ to start off with a little budget for packs? With the approval/cosign of 2kmt mod Conman, I'd like to get one last league going with a small $2 buy in that can start you off with at the very least 1 box on 2k18. $2 won't break the bank but it keeps league more fun by giving players some motivation to keep going.  

You would play every team in your company conference once and then playoffs would be best of 3. 

I will look over some myteam Rosters to find the best suited and a draft would be used for team building. 

Want to gauge interest for this and hopefully keep it going into the future (either bi-weekly or monthly) 

Any questions message me on 2kmt/ psn (djayGho5t) or Twitter  (@djay11089)