By CB241 »

new to mycareer. wanted to know the best builds for a point guard or small foward

By weirderfungas »

i use a 6'3 driving+finishing playmaker pg. it is op

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By TheDirtyTrev »

6'9 245 pure driving and finishing small forward you snag boards your fast you can dunk on fools and you can get ankle breaker


By BegginForDeath »
By aidanpurl »

I said yolo and went with a 6'9 -  6'10 Defending Slasher SF. Good in the paint and can posterize anyone. 

By Jack.M »

I went with a 6'4" driving/sharpshooting PG. Plays a lot like John Wall, who is my favorite player to play with in MyTeam/PlayNow

By VexXScorpion »

6'5" Driving/Finishing shot creator. He can dunk, shoot the midrange, shoot the 3 and is a good defender.

By SnackBarbarian »

6’9 Shot Creating Athletic Finisher. Key Badges 3 HOF relentless Finisher, pick and Roller, Lob CityFinisher Gold Poster and PutBack. Little undersized I should have made him 6’10 but still. The PF is a better option than the Sf for this build, essentially the same attributes but One more HOF badge. 

By Damian »

6'6" slasher sg/sf dont matter

By Billbert33 »

5'9 defending rebounder SF with the lowest wieght and wingspan

it's very underrated but I ball out with it and if you're not good with it you should quit the game cause it's super easy to use

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