By LorenzoAQ »

Anyone else having fun with it?  Post your progress and where you went right or wrong when picking/keeping cards... ought to be interesting!

By LorenzoAQ »
By Damian »

It's pretty hard to win

By ThatKidMario14 »
By BiggestMac »

i can't get onto it for some reason

By _Warriors_ »

its easy im in the finals

By ItzFurry »

Successfully completed the first finals. Lost 4x (2x I rage quit early on)


I probably won't play this gamemode again. My first lineup I was only offered guards and everyone I vsed had AD, Lebron, Cousins, etc. Yeah I managed to win, regardless it's really frustrating when (for example) AD shot 90% from the field

By mhsballer42 »

I went 16-0 and won the finals already. You probably don't believe me, but yes, 16-0. Granted, about 6-7 of those wins were people who quit before the game even started, but I started 16-0 and pulled every player from the board EXCEPT scalabrine. what are the odds

By LorenzoAQ »

Daaaaamn... nobody ever mentioned when you pass the first Level, you start a new P&P starting 5... oh well.  I finished LVL at 16/3 last night after being gone since Hurricane Maria hit.