By NDyse10 »

So I'm relatively new to MyTeam and I was fortunate enough to pull a diamond shoe this morning. I haven't had a chance to unlock the auction house yet but in other plays experience does it make most sense to sell the diamond shoe right away to maximize profit or wait in the hopes of it increasing? Or is a diamond shoe something I should really be keeping  

I pulled the Adidas "Crazy Explosive" shoe. It provides +9 to contact dunk, Oreb, Dreb, Standing Dunk and strength.

My last question is I noticed I can't use this shoe on everyone. What are some players that can even use an Adidas shoe?

Thank you for the help!



By Trae_CU-45 »

I don't beleive you can sell the diamond shoe bro....

I reccomend that you keep that shoe at the very least until Febuary until you use it on anybody. Harden is always a good one to use it on when the time is right and his best card comes out. 

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By dandonaldson01 »

I pulled one this AM too.  You cant sellit unfotunatley... hold out and put it on a diamond card you get and it really up its value at auction time.

By NDyse10 »

Hey thanks for the information! I did not know they could not be auctioned. 

If I were to assign the shoe to a player am I able to swap it on and off different players? Or is it where once I use it on a player I can't ever take it off that player  


By TheGoat711 »

Once you put it on a player, it can't be put on another player. You can technically put a different shoe on the player, but then you'd lose the diamond shoe forever. So not a great idea. What diamond shoe did you get?

By NDyse10 »

It was the crazy explosive shoe. I guess I'll have to wait and keep it until better players come out. 

By casedogg311 »

Also it can only guys who wear Adidas IRL. So Harden and Pozingus mainly. Some historical players can wear them. 

I would save the shoe until better cards come out  but you could put it on a player now and sell it for much more MT. I just bought a Curry with diamond shoes for 40k. I got it 3 minutes after it was posted. I’m sure it could have sold for much more