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Make sure you have Jairus872's template for this tutorial.

Finding Pictures

Finding good pictures is harder than 2k17 because they must be full body. So, you can search on google (player name) full body. Make it larger than 2MP, i find that 4MP gives you very limited selection. If you have no ideas, search "slamonline kicks of the night" larger than 2MP and there will be a lot of of full body pics to chose from

Making the Background

When you copy/paste into gimp, hit crtl+d to duplicate the photo. The copy will be used later in the tutorial. To change the picture to black and white(B&W), you must click on "image" then "mode." Chose Grayscale from the options that appear.

Then, revert it back to RGB. The picture should stay B&W, and look like thisThen, just save it as whatever you want


Making the PNG

Take the duplicated picture and use it. Use this tutorial for how to cut out pictures in Gimp

When you're done, it should look like this

Then, file-export as a PNG and you are all set


Starting the Card

Open the template-it make take some time if its the first time you open it. It should be an amythest templatethat looks like this

I want to make my card a ruby. To do this, change the layer that is being viewed to the ruby version, like this

As you can see, there is a little "eye" symbol next to the amy gem. Unclick it and click the ruby one it will look like this

Do this for the tier, background gradient, and watermarks if ou wish to do a reward. If not, just unclick the eye but dont click the ruby one. Also, you would unclick the reward stripe layer and choose either Current or Historic, and get rid of the "1 of 450" text. Here is what my ruby template looks like after making changes.


Changing Text

Changing the text in gimp is not as easy as it is in PS. First, click on the layer with the desired text and use color picker to get the exact color of text needed

Then, make a text box next to the text, and type in what is needed. In my case, its the salary so 75. The text used is "Franklin Gothis Medium" and i find text size 183 is close to the actual text size. Then, position it over the original text, like this

Then, simply delete the original text layer, leaving just your text on the card.

Do this for all of the text, using these text sizes

  • Rating-255(BOLD)

  • Last Name-295

  • Position-159

  • First Name-211

  • Salary-183

  • 1 of 450-184

It should look like this when you are finished

Placing a Player

First, open the B&W image. Make sure u are on the Background layer(at the bottom of the Layers tab) and select open as layers from the file page

Then, position it as you wish using scale tool. The best is probably to have the head at the same height as the gem. 

Then, go to the "Player" layer and do the same thing, open as layers and scale tool to position it on top of the B&W.

Finally, you need the team. Save a PNG of the logo from online and use the same method on the "team" layer.

Now, you have a finished card. You should save it as an xcf in case you need to make changes (file-save as) and a PNG, which will be used to resize the picture(file-export)

Open up the PNG card. Use the scale tool to scale the picture down to 325x467. It is not the scale tool used when you changed the background and player, bit the one under the image tab at the top


Then just overwrite the PNG, upload to imgur, and you are done!


P.S. my pic selection probably wasnt the greatest because of the feet and text, but it was pretty much the only good one of him

P.S.S. I found a good pic of T-Mac if anyone uses it they are getting blocked

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