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This is sorta like a created card contest but even more specific. The challenge is you have to make a card of a superstar player who played on a team that most people didn't know he played for them. He are some examples.

Each person will create 3 of these cards. We will have 5 contestants.


You cannot have a card that is already in the game and no copying other people. The winner will recieve 10 upvotes.



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I'll be in...


Can I already choose my 3 players?

  • Ben Wallace - Cavaliers
  • Allen Iverson - Grizzlies
  • Dennis Rodman - Lakers
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Sure go ahead but I won't judge it until we have 5 people

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Idk something I slapped together pretty quick...

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I'll join

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How do you put a card in a reply? Sorry, Idk how, but I still made the cards. THX

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Ctrl-C the created picture, then in your reply box hit Ctrl-V to paste it in.

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