By cdub »

Use these players


Demar Derozan

John Wall

Russell Westbrook


These are my favorite players to play In gauntlet, but what I'm basically saying is that you want a fast player that can dunk. Now the three players I just named can't shoot really well. But since the 3 ball in gauntlet is shorter, they will make their threes (to all you 3 point cheesers out there) 


But anyways, thanks for taking the time to read if you actually care what I'm saying 



By 866952dw »

Lmao, you need to win to dunk cheese hahhahahahaha

By iTofu »

Athletes in general are broken in Gauntlet.

By 2dcole »

To an extent. They don't play the way their attributes suggest. I thought my moments lavine would be unstoppable getting to the rim with his 99 driving dunk and 80 contact dunk but I find myself having to lob cheese to get him buckets It seems hit or miss though John Wall and Westbrook and Roty Vince Carter are pretty much unstoppable. 

By Jumboyumbo10 »

PO damian lillard and PO millsap are both deadly in gauntlet

By TomE___ »

Whenever I use John Wall I don't do so good. Some games I'll win by a little and some I'll lose. And no I'm not bad I have the 5K MT board I started MyTeam in around when the All-Star packs came out.