By nba2k16pg13 »
By ankledestroyerbulls »

I agree I really want this mode back to be able to play as Frank Kaminsky or Curry. (Badgers fan here still upset they lost to Duke.)

By nba2k16pg13 »

yeah wished the badgers beat duke (im a hooisers fan) i don't like duke 

By 69065 »

How do you call for a screen on NBA2k16 for Xbox 360

By nba2k16pg13 »

i don't play xbox 360 2k16 i play the ps4 2k16 sorry lol

By ProblemoAmigo »

left button fam

By NiravTheGreat »

Press the LB button and hold down the button of the player you want to set a pick with

By xkevin35durant »

Oh my god I have waited so long to talk about this 

By WillT27 »

2k16 is my first 2k game, what is create a legend?

By kvng2k »

cus Duke is way better