By abyd22 »

i didnt know that selling my saphire card for 100k would get me banned! i just sold my saphire curry with diamond contract and diamond shoe for 100k.

they should have gave me warning instead of 2 weeks ban!thats not right! thats how you treat your customer? even if your game still has flaws loyal customers like us 

shouldnt be treated like this.why because were not buying vc? we are grinding our ass to get these mt's!!!! and then if we make some mt's out of some player whom i dont know who bought it!!!! 

then you suddenly ban my account without even a warnign?!!!

wtf 2k!!!! pls if i only knew i would get banned by selling that i wouldnt have done it.

i hope the 2k dev would see this post and some considerations and just lift my ban and just give me a warning...2 weeks is so long!!! 

if that happens might as well...quit this game.thanks 2k!!!! and by the way pls fix your game!!! 

i dont buy coins from other site fyi !!! i grind for my mt's

and so far spent 150dollars on vc.

By LuckIsReal »

Just saying pretty sure 2k Devs dont go on this site. If they do not often

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By Exposedyourankles31 »

tbh 2 weeks aint that long just stop complaing some kids in third world countries have never touched a video game, and your here saying that you need your account unbanned right away? smh

By abyd22 »

yea yea yea u know everything not complaining!!! there u satisfied now?!!!