By McBuck33ts »

Just finished Historic, I have all the Reward cards and Dan Majerle and Reggie Lewis. I also picked up Gheoege Muresean and Tyson Chandler. I chose Fat and Ron from the Amethyst Board. Any tips while grinding through it? It looks like a bunch of hoop-lah.

By lagunaangelo »

Prepare to get raped by these cancer teams.

By Typod_Nano »

Please stop using the word "rape" as there are many other options at your disposal. Not cool at all.

By lagunaangelo »

I appreciate your concern, but lemme ask u a question, What do you gain from it?

By ollowain »

My first rage game in all time domination were the Rockets. Yao and Olajuwon in the paint while Harden and McGrady shoot contested 3s at 50%. I have advanced to the 76ers by now.

I imagine the Lakers and Warriors will be horrible...any other team that is crazy hard to beat?

By 1gakki »

Boston pretty hard to beat, have very good defense,

And western all star, more hard than all time all star.

By McBuck33ts »

I played the Warriors, had to play them again because I didn't get enough MT. They literally kept Wilt in the whole game, I will never be the same. The Bulls were pretty easy, just MJ and Pip that gave me trouble. I'm on Boston rn, Mursean will have his hands full. 

By lagunaangelo »

All time Jazz will take your rage to the next level