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Every post on here requests mature players with High IQ. Yet every Pro-AM team seems to fall apart within the first couple months or with the first bad loss. Everyone has been there, everyone has experienced this. In a community dominated by individuals self-proclaiming they’re the “GOAT” and genuinely believing they have what it takes to be on the next e-league team, it’s obvious why so many teams fall apart.

As someone who’s been on an amateur sponsored esport team (different game) I can tell you that only a very a small percentage of people have the work ethic and time available to reach that level. That’s why I’m going to be realistic with my recruiting post and lay out what types of teammates I’m hoping to find and what my expectations are for the team I’m trying to build.

#1) Patience: Throwing together 5 decent players and achieving quick success can be done easily. But getting the right group of guys willing to learn plays and each other’s tendencies takes time, and is what’s required to getting over more difficult opponents. I’m in no rush to putting this team together and I will take my time finding the right individuals.

#2) Play Schedule: I have a job where I work ~50hrs a week that pays me a lot more than 2K pays me. I play a lot of 2k (nearly every night) and I’m very passionate and competitive, but there is life outside of the neighborhood. If you want to be on the #1 team in the world, this probably isn’t the team for you. My goal is to have organized play schedules ~3x a week and if teammates wish to increase this it can be discussed.

#3) Respect your teammates: Show up on time. Learn the plays. Upgrade your guy on your own time, Get your badges & cap breakers. Analyze your own game and be open to sharing your strengths and deficiencies.

Currently I’m looking for Wing players and a Big. Archetypes are less important because I think a good team can design plays to utilize emphasize the team’s strengths and hide the weaknesses. And if you aren’t ready to join a team, but are just tired of playing with randoms, then feel free to add me as well. I’ve been building a small community on the side where like-minded individuals can get together and run casually.

PG Pure Playmaker.
PSN: Vision_22

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Damn that vision. If you want to develop a player hmu, I am a 6'5 SG Pure Slash. 71 ovr, and not very good but know what do

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Looking for a team myself,

I already have a pg ovr 88 but i am creating a new player, one that could fit the playstyle of the team you are trying to create

let me know


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6'10 pure sharp HOF badges averaged 24ppg

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You will never defeat my Pro-Am team.  Everyone should know that I removed Vision from my team because he could not keep up with my pack of alpha males.  You will never the master, you will always be the student!! LEARN!!