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This is how I remove the getty images watermark. I use Gimp.

If you need a tutorial for PS Bond made a Youtube video here:


1. Open your image with the watermark in gimp. Use open as layers. 



2. Find colors that are similar to what you are trying to replace. For example I want to use the red of the shorts on the left side to replace the watermark on the right.


3.Use the clone stamp tool to replace the 1st section of the watermark. (You can replace the whole watermark if it is only covering one color but usually it covers a few colors)

the clone stamp tool


4. Keep doing this for the entire first color(in my case it's the red on the shorts)


It's ok if it looks blotchy right now we will fix that later. If there are darker colors on the image that will look better with the darker colors just use the clone stamp tool on those colors. Look at the middle of the shorts and what I did


5. Do the same steps to remove the first color to all of the other colors.

If there is a logo that is completely covererd by the watermark I usually just eyeball what the color should be.


6.After the watermark is removed the parts where it was may look blotchy so we are going to clean that up with the smudge tool.


7.YOU ARE DONE! Cut your image, export it as a png and put it in the card generator


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What do i do it says  i need to set a source image

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Clone stamp wont work for me like it says nothing when I try to use it and it does not work

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Tbh no matter how many times someone explains it to me i never know how to use the clone stamp tool on ps or gimp. so i just select an area with a similar shade and copy+paste it. once its moved to the right spots i use a combo of the smudge+blur tools and cut out any part that is sticking out when im done

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