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my team is awful this year, i dont know how they could release this to people that paid $60-$150 on their stupid game

By 508G37 »

Anyone wanna buy Xbox MT? I have 250k

By pumpknot »

this guy has the right idea, get out while you can

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By thegame »

I haven't played but I just saw a video of someone getting only his 2nd team foul of the quarter on a block attempt and they kicked him. So we can't even contest shots anymore? I don't even want to play the game anymore.

By star5CR34M »

I'd bet this gets repatched before the next round of Super Max.

By pumpknot »

If youre not already in pink diamond leauge youre not getting there, plain and simple.

By Zacm0990 »

So what I'm hearing is people will now only run under the basket and pump fake all day until you or your CPU jumps and gets fouls.  If they want to make it so excessive fouls gets you booted, then they need to fix when a foul is called.  I can't ever count the amount of time someone has driven on me and I block them from behind, all ball, and get called for a foul by the defender standing off on the side.

By swish.thesweetestsound »

Seems like patch hasnt arrived on PC yet. Still reset of filters...

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Miamiheat3 said in Friday, October 13th, 2017 2:53 am

Now that the replace a player feature is missing, how do you replace a player in your lineup???

They moved it to the menu where you change player minutes.  Select the player in your lineup you want to replace, then tap the square button (on PS4) to bring up the menu. It took me some time to figure it out.