By BallisLife2 »

I really liked this years MyCareer story and all but I think there can be LOTS of changes here is my top 3 NOT RANKED.

1.More Options:I think the Spike Lee story was a great idea but it really was just like watching a movie. You couldn't choose things like your personality or what you wanted to say and a big thing is your family members... It's pretty obvious what that problem is. I really just didn't like my players personality. He was way too expressive than I like him to be. And tobe able to pick your body type like in NBA Live 16. Everyone is basically the same. If you wanna be a Dwight Howard type player and of a massive upper body... you really can't or if you wanna go small like Pau Gasol. 2k just need to add more options,

2.Character Creation Improvements:Ok we all know the face scan is REALLY jacked right now and arguably worst than last years. Ok I am going to honest here but really on this game if your character isn't African American than it's just hard to create a character that looks like a human being. I think to fix this 2k needs new hairstyles and new features (eyes,nose,lips etc.). More of them and they need to make it easier to create a good MyPlayer in the 1st place. It is so hard to create someone who looks right.

3.Upgrading Your Players Overall: To be honest I HATE the new upgrade system. The fact that your stats have a max. If your a 6'5 Shooting Guard you cant get your 3pt rating more then like an 80 something? Based on my memory. Why can't it go to 99? Or atleast you can choose a stat or 2 that can go to 99. Say your a Point Guard that wants to be a slasher you can choose driving layup to be your maxed out stat. Or a Point Guard who wants to be a nice playmaker you can choose passing vision or accuracy or whatever to be able to be maxed out. You can eliminate some stats for some positions like a center can't choose the ball control stat to be maxed out or a PG can't choose rebounding to be maxed out. And get rid of the upgrading one category at a time crap it was fine how it was in 2k14. If it ain't broke don't fix it! I do like how you get so many free upgrades until you gotta to practices that was a good idea but I would lower to 3 practices and if someone is just fouling out of there games don't let them use their next off day or they can't foul out before the half so if you foul out in 3rd quarter you mise well play the whole game.

That is just some of the things 2k could change there are a lot more I'm sure but these are my main ones. I would love to see what you think about these because the more people critic this the more the game will shape into a game everyone will like and be nice and balanced.