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decide wether the rookie or yong player is going to be an all star or bust.







Jaylen Brown



Emmanuel Mudiay



Brandon Ingram

Zach Collins


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everybody but mudiay and collins will be all-stars

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Busts (Tier 1):

Well, Mudiay has a decent ceiling but hasn't been able to tap into his potential yet.

Collins is just straight ass in 3 games played.

I realize Fultz has only played 4 games because of an injury, but he also only scored 6 points in those games. Those are the guys I think will be busts.


Solid NBA Players, maybe a couple All-Star appearances (Tier 2):

Josh Jackson is averaging around 10 ppg on a respectable (for a rookie) .396 FG percentage, and shooting .275 from downtown. 

Lavine has absolutely no defensive capabilities but is a dunking machine with an improving 3 point shot.

Ingram has respectable all-around stats, his ceiling is probably a few all-star appearances and around 25 ppg in his prime.

Fox is doing pretty well. As a rookie on the Kings, he's probably exceeding expectations, to be honest. I really don't know what his ceiling is, but I'm putting him in Tier 2 for now.

Kuzma is an offensive monster. 15 ppg on .516 shooting is awesome for a rookie. This guy combined with Lonzo and Ingram will be scary in a few years. He does need to work on rebounding better though.



Legitimate Stars, Sky's the limit (Tier 3):

Wiggins will be great if he can do a tiny bit better defensively, and work on improving his free throws a bit. 

Tatum is playing out of his mind through 14 games. His 13.6 ppg is a sizable contribution to the Celtics 12 game win streak. He's got the best shooting here, with .489 FG percentage, .827 from the line, and a ridiculous .476 from 3. Much like Markkanen, Tatum will have to improve on his comparatively lacking defensive numbers (0.6 steals per game, 0.8 blocks per game). Tatum also needs to improve on his passing, only averaging 1.6 apg.

Jaylen Brown was great in the playoffs last year and showed signs of something special. This year he's averaging 15 ppg on .435 shooting, which is pretty good.  He has to improve from the charity stripe, but if he does that, there's no telling what his ceiling is. 

Markkanen is the second or third best rookie in the league, for good reason. He's dropping 14.5 a night on .433 shooting, he's averaging around 8 boards a game, and he can shoot threes pretty well at .351 3P%. He needs to improve on the defensive end. His block and turnover totals are a bit low.

Lonzo is the youngest player in history with a triple-double and has shown flashes of greatness early in his career. However, he HAS to improve on a couple key aspects of basketball. First is FG percentage (.314, .250 from 3), and second is FT percentage (.500). Lonzo is great in most other statistical categories, but if he wants to succeed in the NBA, he needs to be able to shoot at least moderately well.

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My thoughts...

Lonzo - All Star

Fox - All Star

Wiggins - All Star

Jackson - All Star

Fultz - Bust

Jaylen Brown - All Star

Tatum - All Star

Lavine - Bust

Emmanuel Mudiay - All Star

Markkanen - Bust

Kuzma - All Star

Brandon Ingram - All Star

Zach Collins - Bust

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Lonzo - Bust

Fox - All Star

Wiggins - All Star

Jackson - Niether

Fultz - Bust

Jaylen Brown - All Star

Tatum - All Star

Lavine - Neither

Emmanuel Mudiay - Bust

Markkanen - All Star

Kuzma - All Star

Brandon Ingram - All Star

Zach Collins - Bust

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No way Lonzo is going to be an all star dude is garbage

By paulius186 »

Lonzo bust (shouldnt have been picked 2nd)

Fox neither

Wiggins probably all star just because scoring

Jackson neither?

Fultz  all star

Jaylen Brown neither if he stays on the celtics

Tatum same as jaylen prolly unless in the future

Lavine all star cuz scoring and in the east

Emmanuel Mudiay bust

Markkanen same as lavine

Kuzma neither

Brandon Ingram its weird with him

Zach Collins idfk neither?