By JakobS »

Since a lot of players have heavily decreased in price. What will happen to the market in the upcoming weeks? Will player prices drop even more or wil they go back up?

By Witty_1_Liner »

Prices are going to keep going down then the usual crashes will happen. They drop alot of content and do VC deals during the holidays and All-Star week so as they drop better cards and sell VC cheaper kids will use their Xmas money to rip packs like crazy driving prices down on Saph and Ruby cards. The only ones that will go up in price are some of the historic collection cards, since they havent released the players needed to finish them. Once they release all the players and people can complete them the cards for those collections should go up for awhile until 2K drops better cards making them obsolete.


The only real price control they have to stop the crash is Supermax salary caps but 2K has kind of screwed the pooch with that so I wouldn't count on that.