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@Tupac or others who are in charge, it would be a great idea if you could add a Username Change option in settings as not only me, but others in the community have suggested it as well.



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Well we could break the confusion by getting people who are fresh from a username change, to announce it in the forum. Maybe add it as an automatic process in form of an announcement once someone chooses a different name. Like for example "User MJisGOAT has changed his name from MJtheGOAT 5 minutes ago".


I don't have a legitmate reason, I just want to change it if thats okay.


And if you are looking for staff (I missed out on the latest application due to being away), this is something I would be very interested in doing and something I would be very dedicated to do. I have used this great website for a good period of time despite making an account recently.



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By NBA2K161595 »

can you change my name to "OKCTHUNDER FOR LIFE"?


By breeser »

I've already seen Dillion_L name change to KATIsGOAT. So...

By 123iseeme »

Can you change my name to 18Denver18?

By Purdue0610 »

I have accidentally given out private info in my username. So can you delete me


By LebronHYPE »

Can you change my username to Gianni34

By NappyBoi »

U need a username change lol