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after finishing the All time domination I switech to schudel challenges.

I played as much as I can but this "maximum three gold players" challenges making me tired and nervous.

I don't like playing with shitty players against AI who gets every rebound and scored every open shot.


so I made a quick search and some players I tried by myself and this is a list of them good underated cards we can use on this challenges:

if anyone tried a gold , silver , bronze cards and liked them share it with us here and and I'll update the list.


Gold Dwight Howard :

this card is a glitch and I'm using it until now in some games even I have good center cards like ruby cousins and sabonis and sikma but still this card a nice choice for me over them if I wanted to get every rebound in both ends and block a lot of shots.


Gold Raef Lafrentz :

this is the second glitch gard in the game, it's sapphire with gold states. great shot blocker good rebounder and the most important and stretching 5 he can shot 3s constantly.


Gold Daequan Cook :

one of best 3pt shooting cards in the game, u can put in the PG since he has good ball control and playmaking states and nice quickness. 95 and 95 from outside is just crazy. the problem is this card is very overpriced It goes on PC to more than 100K.


Gold Nate Thurmond :

if you need a great defensive and monster rebounding card , this is the one. I'm using it on schudel challenges with his dynamic duo jeff green I don't care about jeff green because thurmond is a beast when his dynamic duo activated.


Silver Andre Iguodala

a nice combanation of quickness, ball control and defense. he can shot open 3s and can dunk. so this card is a mix of every think.


Silver Darren Collison

very quick and good shooter from mid and 3pt. not bad in the defensive end.


Silver De'Aaron Fox


monster quickness card, he can't shoot but can drive. if u run 5-out or some tactics depends on driving to the basket, this card would be very usefull.


Silver Robert Covington

I've seen some youtoubers talking about this card in the first days of the game. I didn't believe it will be that good, but when I had the chance to try it I felt bad for not using it when it was one of the best cards in the game.




this list will be updated from time to time.

please if any one have additions or sugestion post them here so we will update this list.


finally I'm sory for any spelling mistakes I'm not native english speaker.

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