By mcon411 »

Who is better?

Justice Young or Shammy Wells???


I think Justice is better.

By noamkertis1 »

justice was better shammy just shoots the ball whenever he gets it and misses, also when u got up in ur rating back in 2k17 justice went up also and shammy stays as a 74 bumass like trump shooting bricks all day, main reason y i asked for a trade

By DarkieYT »

Shammy is good for me, he has been dropping a lot of threes but now he is starting to throw bricks

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By Sarken »
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By 19020 »

Justice cause he like 20x  better shammy plays like a 6 foot andre drummond

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By johnathan.livingston.seagull »

so far, i am in february of my season and i havent seen shammy wells hit a shot. he always pulls up with these insane shots that i dont even do. id definately take justice because he could actually get up to a 90 overall.

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By mdd31 »

Shammy is at 80 in my game and only growing stronger!

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By Jesse777 »

Justice because when I finished my 2k17 MyCareer I was still on Justice's team and he was a 91 Overall, Shammy shoots whenever he gets it and bricks all day plus he a bumass 74 overall

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