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these are good cards. the problem is, damn near ever ruby/amy is also a good card. lol until we hit diamonds i really dont see there being much variety between players

By HollygroveMikey4MVP »

Nah That Demarcus Cousins is a big upgrade he’s way faster, a better shooter, defender and rebounder they gave him a 142 more attributes than the ruby. Plus he can hold more badges.

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finally my KD. this one likes last years amy. 

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Played 1game with Ruby KD against the weekly Pistons ch

11mins 24pts 9/15 fg 6/8 3s

His release is money

By Harry L »

One of the big things with this KD is that he now joins the swelling ranks of wings who get 86 BC at a lower tier than we've grown to expect. Last year, KD didn't get 86 BC until his Amethyst. 

Not only can he speed boost now, but his Ruby is quite significantly faster than his Sapphire. 3-point shot should now be reliable, whereas I found his Sapphire's iffy. Also gets a legit Post Fade and has very substantial defensive boosts.

It's a very nice upgrade, just not earth-shattering.