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Leafy, Gnomestar, Ricegum, Idubz, and Filthy Frank

By Macko »

theodd1sout is funny, but i'd go Lazerbeam or Graser10 if lazerbeam doesnt count

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Lazarbeam counts I guess. He doesn't play 2k anymore and pretty much same with madden

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Wtf is a motorcycle vlogger

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I'd say mine would be BHD gaming, corpse husband, antodaboss, and ricegum!  Just to name a few 

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Look up Snowcat

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theodd1stout is GOAT, lately I've watched a lot of Joey Graceffa (mainly his YT Red Series Escape The Night), ChaosUnSilenced, Scarce, Dude Perfect, JackSepticEye, TroyDanReacts, Josh A, Leafy, and if you wanna know the other 700 YouTubers I'm subbed to I'll send you the list

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