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Don't call a bad person or anything. I got this idea from Troydan, when he asked this question in one of his vids and I thought it might be fun to make a list of my one. Just so you know the list that I'm making would be players that would the most crazy and intertaining to see them get in full brawl in an NBA game w/o the refs breaking them up.


Lebron vs KD

Westbrook vs KD

Pachulia vs Kawhi

Draymond Green vs Steven Adams

Kyrie vs Curry

Pachulia vs Westbrook


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Westbrook vs Pachulia for sure

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Serge Ibaka and Demarcus Cousins


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Westbrook and LeBron would kick KD ass obviously, Kawhi would rip what's supposedly people think Zaza has (a heart) out of him, Draymond would lose to Adams, Kyrie has hands trust me, RW would end Zaza

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Cousins and Embiid

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jj redick vs kyle korver

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Embiid and Drummond

Lonzo and Beverley

LeBron and Draymond

Steven Adams and KD


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